©Audre Rae Photography

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   ©Audre Rae Photography



1000 Miles to Nowhere, is rooted in pursuing connection with others and braving my own vulnerability. It is about profound encounters and beautiful moments with people and places; the small moments where we fall in love a little bit with an unexpected soul in an unexpected place. The moments we recognize we are with someone who feels nobody sees them, and are present enough to show them otherwise. It is the experience of random closeness in momentary encounters that end as quickly as they began. These moments that stay with us for a lifetime, when we give and receive fearlessly.

It is about recalling humanity and really seeing each other, with grace.

There is no destination, but community and connection are everywhere. I am exploring the possibility of having roots and wings as I examine where we come from, and the people we call neighbors.

Here, I tell these stories through my photographic lens and written musings.


If you'd like to help keep me on the road making pictures and telling stories you can donate to my camp, gas and shower fund.

Positive vibes are also welcome.